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Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor

Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor
Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor
Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor

Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor   Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor

Allcot, children hut with thatched cannon atop - 1807 watercolor. An original watercolor painting 1807 allcot, thatched hut with cannon atop child.

This interesting view of the early 19th century shows a girl on top of a military canon, located in what is probably open kent landscape. The Kent County had long been a key strategic area in national defense given its proximity to the mainland. Vulnerable sites such as waterfronts, ports and campaign were places for guns. This rural perspective, however, is a reminder of local life which has continued despite these military threats.

Height (inches): 8.15 width (inches): 13.35. Condition: the paper has toning age and marks as indicated. There is a vertical crease from the height of the paper, left of center.

Some creasing and wear of the edges of the paper out of the side of the image, including a small tear repaired at the right edge. All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity andif it is a collection artworkits Accompanying text gold collection artist biography. This table is part of a collection of works that we have put on sale by w. The collection includes lovely views of pastoral landscape in the southeast of England, especially in rural areas and essex kent. William allcot Allcot was described as \1800 born in Portsea, Hampshire, and moved to tonbridge in kent.

Some works are also registered \Painting style call allcot consists of washing dishes made popular by the people of Alexander Cozens and John varley, creating high clarity of form, with color coated graphite or dabs brands, retail delimited. If you have a question about a specific artwork, it is helpful if you can please quote the'stock number'listed Reviews towards the top of the product description e.

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  1. Type: watercolor <\/ li>
  2. theme: landscape <\/ li>
  3. originality: original <\/ li>
  4. width (cm): 33.9 <\/ li>
  5. height (cm): 20.7 <\/ li>
  6. Period: 19th century / mid-19th-century <\/ li>
  7. artist: w. Allcot <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor   Allcot, Chalet With Children Thatched Cannon Atop 1807 Watercolor